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Children of bodom - Hate crew deathroll

Theatre of tragedy

Theatre of tragedy - Closure live

Impaled nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Pro patria finlandia

Thy infernal

Thy infernal - Warlords of hell


Pyogenesis - Unpop

Master - The new elite


Gorefest - Rise to ruin

Pain - Rebirth

Visions of atlantis - Eternal endless infinity

Sabbat - Live sabbatical hamagury queen

Carcass - Choice cuts

Occult - Elegy for the  weak

Ensiferun - Dragonheads

Candle serenade - Nosferatus passion

Belphegor - Walpurgis rites

The haunted - Revolver

Soilwork -The early chapters

Vader - Impresions in blood

Old man child - In defiance of existence

Disaster - Satans soldieres syndicate

Asphix - Last one on earth

Horna - Kohti dhdeksan nousua

Cinic - Focus

Gardenia - Sindustrips

Forets of shadows - Departure

Anal vomit - Peste negra muerte negra

The Gathering - Home

Bolt thrower - Realm of chaos

Brutal truth- goobye cruel world

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten back to life

Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at burth

Cannibal Corpse - Gore obsessed

Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of  multilated

Cerebral hemorrhage - Exempting reality

Incantation - The infernal storm

Incantation - Live blasphemy in brazil tour

Sanctification - Misanthropic salvation

Deicide- Deicide

Deicide - Intorgment in hell

Nunslauther - Goat

Agathocles - Aside fuck laush

Agathocles - Hung hunters robotized

Darkane - Insanity

Swordmaster-moribund transgoria

Malevolent Creation - Best

Malevolent Creation - The will to kill warkult

Mortician - Domain of death

Mortician - Darkness day  of   horror

Mortician - Re animated dead flesh

Kataklims - Prevail

Kataklims - Heavens venom

Immolation - Shadows in the light

Criptopsy - The unspoken king

Sodom - Agent orange  (2 cd)

Sodom - Persecumania

Destruction - Spiritual genocide

Destruction - Sentence of death

Destruction - Devolution

Hyrax - Chaos and brutality

Hyrax - The new of terror

Annihilator - Criteria for a black widow

Suicidal tendencies - How will I laugh tomorrow

Hallow eve - tales of terror

Machine head - Super charger

Exodus - Good friendly violent fun

Exodus - Pleasure of the  flesh

Spinal tap - Break like  the  wind

Tankard - Rib

Tankard - Beast of  bourbon

Tankard - Best case  scenario 25 years in beers

Assassin - Breaking the silence

Blitzkrieg - A time of changes

Overkill - Feel the fire

Mutilator - Grave  desecration

Kreator - Terrible certainty

Accept - I´m a rebel

Accept - Blind rage

Accept - Accept

Accept - Breakrer

Tesla -Ppsychotic supper

Great white - Recover

Black n´ blue - The demons remastered

Time machine - Shades of time

Cobra - Warriors of the  dead  back from   the dead

Doro - With the night orchestra

Alice Cooper - The eyes of alice cooper

Poison - Open  up and  say

Joe lynn turner - The  first acoustic night

Dio - The last in line

Black n´ Blue - In heat

Kingdom come - In your  face

Kitty - Spit

The black crowes - Shake your  money  maker

Cinderella - Once upon a...

Van Halen - Warning

L.a.Guns - Cocked loaded

Rainbow - Down to earth

Rainbow - On stage

Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmoores

Deep Purple - Classics

Scorpions - Pure instinct

Great Withe - Rising

Great Withe - Once bitten

Pink Floyd - The dark side of moon

Pink Floyd - Animals

Pink Floyd - Wall

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

Pink Floyd - A saucerful of secrets

Pink Floyd - Music from  the  film more

Pink Floyd - Ummaguma

Pink Floyd - The final cut

Pink Floyd - Obscured by clouds

Pink Floyd - The division bell

Baron Rojo - Perversiones

Baron Rojo - Ultimas mentes

WarCry - Directo ala  luz

WarCry - La quinta esencia

WarCry - Alea jacta est

WarCry - Revolución

WarCry - Donde esta la luz

WarCry - War cry

WarCry - Sello de los tiempos

The Beatles - Rubbber soul parlophone

The Beatles - One

Jhon lennon-imagine

The beatles-1967.1970

Héroes del silencio - Live Germany

Heroes del silencio - Para simpre

Heroes del silencio - Avalancha

Heroes del silencio - Rarezas

Muro - Mutant hunter

Gillman - El guerrero

Leo Jimenez - 037 los fuertes sobreviven

Leo Jimenez - Titere con cabeza

Tierra Santa - Caminos de fuego

The Doors - Strange days

The Doors - L.A woman

Saratoga - Rojo fuego

Renacer - Hijo del viento

Banzai - Duro y potente

Soziedad Alkoholica - Cadenas de odio

Mago de Oz - Barakaldo D.F.

Mago de oz - Hechizos pocimas y brujería

Marea - En mi hambre mando yo

Cero a la izquierda - No ha dejado de llover

Darkmoor - The fall of melnibone

Mano negra - In the hellpatchingo

Mano negra - Casa babilon

Horcas - Asesino

Avalanch - Los poetas han muerto

Lethal - Maza

Kamikaze - Dueño  de los cielos

Logos - A traves  de los tiempos

Led zepellin - Houses of the holy

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